We are a passionate experienced team with big ambitions.

Microrage Solutions is a technology service and support company committed to delivering innovation. Microrage provides high quality IT solutions and hosting services with optimal skills and service level. With deep industry and business process expertise and proven track record Microrage can utilize the right skills and technologies to help clients achieve real business outcome.

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At Microrage Solutions we design and develop digital products including mobile apps, websites and web applications. The two cornerstones upon which we build successful software are user-centered interaction design and scalable software architecture. We offer flexible solutions custom-designed to meet your specific requirement. Our skilled experts not only have the technical experience, but an understanding of the business and industry to help you make the most of your IT investment.

Established in 2012, Microrage Solutions is forward looking and as a policy explores new fronts to stay abreast of the competition. The activities in export sector are being expanded and today the company is one of the leading service providers in its area of work. Large-scale modernization of existing systems is part of the continuing efforts to remain at the cutting edge of the IT business. Company works with our valued customers from around the globe.

At Microrage Solutions, with Technical proficiency and expertise, we cohesively integrate graphic design with web page layout, with interactive programming, with database driven content, to plan, build and deploy e- business and to emerge as one of the top IT service provider. The business philosophy of the company is to lay emphasis on Human Values and Personal Relations. At Microrage – Technology meets emotions and limits are higher than the sky.’ Great stress is laid on proper communication, transparency and human relations, which forms an integral part of the corporate culture.


From identifying possibilities, to engineering solutions, to carrying out strategies we work with clients to produce superior results and achieve higher level of business performance through flexible, low-risk, low-cost IT business solutions that enable our clients to adapt as their marketplace evolves. We deliver the right IT solutions that build value, beat the competition and generate substantial, lasting financial impact for our clients. Our strategic approach towards creating dynamic IT solutions provides a competitive advantage to our customers, enabling them to enjoy on-demand scalable solutions at low cost with no surprises.


High engineering standards

We focus on a number of technologies which helps us get strong performance. Delivering products for a wide range of end users, we look deeper into the processes, combining cutting-edge methods and simple solutions.

Credible experience

The company’s progress is defined with its clients’ success. We’ve earned our customers’ trust after bringing series of expected results and continue doing this every day.

Results driven development

Customers’ needs come first. Launching a project, we specify practices to achieve it. In the development process, we focus on market demands and rely on users feedback to deliver the product which covers your scopes.

Transparency and ease of work

We encourage all our clients to take part in each step of the development process. So we keep the process clear to check results at any milestone. Both sides gain mutual benefits from cooperation.