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Let’s Build Your Offshore

IT-Team in Pakistan

Hire your offshore IT team with Microrage Solutions a leading Pakistani offshore software development outsourcing company. Cut your development expenses down to 60% by hiring staunch offshore software development from us.

  • Your offshore IT affiliate.
  • 100% confidentiality on NDA.
  • 98% client retention rate.
  • Swift & easy onboarding process.

Our Offshore Software Development Services

Hire one developer or an entire team
Pay only after you hire a developer in Pakistan with us
Forget about the back-office hustle


Microrage Solution is a grown offshore IT outsourcing company located in Lahore, Pakistan. We are a team of 30+ professional developers, who have 17+ years of expertise in providing staff augmentation services across a broad range of clients. We are striving to transform businesses around the world, digitally.

  • Your offshore IT affiliate.
  • 100% confidentiality on NDA.
  • 98% client retention rate.
  • Swift & easy onboarding process.


Agile Mindset

Easy On-Boarding

Get Started Rapidly

Nominal Operational Cost

Increased Return on Investment

Hassle Free Communication

IP Protection & Security

Replacement Guarantee

Our Methodology

  • Agile mindset.
  • Easy on-boarding.
  • Interview the candidate if you want.
  • Communication through your favorite channel.
  • Security measures and restricted access to office.
  • Replacement guarantee.
  • You are the owner of the code.
  • Confidentiality.

Technology Expertise of Our Pakistani Software Developers




















IONIC Framework

React Native


Our Hiring Process

Having the vision to provide exceptional work on an estimable budget, we’ve designed an easy and swift hiring process, which enables our clientele to hire dedicated IT engineers and software developers from Pakistan with zero arrangement/setup investment and at economical prices.

Post Your Requirement

Discuss Project Feasibility

Choose Hiring Model

Sign-Off and Start

Our Hiring Process

  • Share your requirements
  • Estimating and Road-mapping
  • Choose a hiring model
  • Sign off and start
  • Performance reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of services does your company provide?2021-10-06T12:21:30+05:00

Our company provides offshore IT Resourcing and IT Staff Augmentation Services. We resource, support, and manage offshore IT development teams as per our clients’ requisites. Our services include:

  • Hiring offshore Experienced and Certified IT developers
  • Offering space-age infrastructure in terms of software development
  • Client’s team management
Whom should I contact to discuss further details?2021-10-06T12:12:41+05:00

You can contact our sales manager to discuss further details and requirements of your project. Our sales manager will be further guiding you throughout the whole process.

What advantage will I have if I choose Microrage Solutions over other offshore outsourcing companies?2021-10-06T12:14:02+05:00

Microrage Solutions has an effective and agile approach for work i.e. our employed offshore software developers accentuate resilience, constant improvement, tech collaboration, and high-grade results.

As one of the top offshore developers outsourcing companies in Pakistan, we are committed to providing cost-efficient, first-class offshore IT-services, while retaining good quality. Therefore, when collaborating with Microrage Solutions, you can be confident that you’re acquiring excellent quality work at an economical price.

Why should you choose Microrage Solutions for offshore development hiring?2021-10-06T12:14:53+05:00

When you choose Microrage Solutions to hire an offshore development team, you choose to accelerate the growth of your business with zero arrangement investment.

Worldwide Growth: We help your IT business to grow worldwide by providing you devoted offshore software developers as an extension of your native team.

  • Exclusive Work Strategies: We allow our clients to bring about their management strategies and business techniques.
  • Quality: To maintain quality work, we allow you to directly hire offshore IT developers who work in the office, not from home.
  • Cost-Effective: Cut down costs of setups.
  • Scalability: Quickly build your IT team, sometimes, within few hours.
  • Dedicated Team: We let you hire an organized offshore development team conforming to the desired tech stack as per all your requisites.
How will I manage and access my offshore IT team?2021-10-06T12:15:15+05:00

You will manage and access your offshore team of developers directly. We’ll not take in any 3rd party management-layer ‘tween you & your IT team. Also, we will provide you a tech manager that will play the role of a single POC (point of contact) throughout the development process.

I need to hire only one software developer or a team of IT developers. Can you be helpful?2021-10-06T12:15:54+05:00

In any case, you need to hire only one developer or a committed team of IT developers, we are right here. You just have to state to us the required number of human resources and we’ll manage the rest.

How it turns out if I’m not satisfied with the performance of my offshore development team?2021-10-06T12:16:14+05:00

In that case, if you find yourself dissatisfied with any developer’s performance, we will make an immediate staff replacement within a week from the standing resource pool, at no additional cost. In the case that you want us to employ a new developer,  we’ll fill in the title ASAP, within 15-30 days.

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